About Us

Connecting Your Audience to Creative Experiences

It’s really simple to express - we like what we do and the people we work with. We’re process driven in our approach, which allows us to consistently exceed expectations. Thanks for checking out our website and to our clients for giving us the opportunity to grow together.

Megan R. Armstrong

Design Strategist


My drive comes from the fascination with why and how people make purchasing decisions.

I place myself in the mindset of your target audience, then even more specifically, your ideal customer. This allows me to effectively connect and communicate to that person. With this approach, combined with research and organized execution, I can tell your brand story to the right audience.


Tyrel N. Thornton



I love using my design experience to help businesses build and best execute their brand.

I’m driven by the design process, using a strategic approach to problem solving. By incorporating this approach, as well as my expertise and experience, I believe that I can create and/or improve anything you need for your business.


Devin H. Archilla

Graphic Designer, Project Coordinator


My passion comes from working within an engaging community that encourages growth and confidence.

Design is rarely an object, it's more of an emotion. Producing stunning creative is only a small portion of what it means to be a designer. The process involves many other aspects - empathizing, understanding the design process, story telling - all with the central goal of creating an emotional connection. This approach, combined with my design eye and project coordination, allows me to oversee a project from the very start to completion.