Evoking trust and a sense of old-school craftsmanship.

The home inspection industry isn’t exactly known for its sleek marketing assets. That’s why we found the challenge of taking on High Beam all the more exciting.

Owner Nick Benson was bringing a unique approach to home inspection and we wanted to ensure that High Beam was differentiated because of that. Since Nick was just breaking into the market, it was critical for people to immediately identify him as a trustworthy person. Through highly humanized and welcoming photography featuring Nick on the job, lively and clear content, and a vintage, All-American feel, we really made High Beam stand out from the competition.


From the brick to the shingles, High Beam’s got you covered.

Nick went above and beyond state requirements to achieve his certification. He sought a marketing campaign that matched his special expertise and drastically diverged from industry standards.

We wanted to make High Beam assets entertaining and informative to reflect Nick’s liveliness and personable nature. So, we chose hand-designed stamps and fonts that conveyed a vintage feel with trust and emotion. After all, you’re inviting someone into your personal space to check out every nook and cranny.

Scope of Project
  • Naming the company
  • Brand Exploration
  • Brand Strategy and Positioning
  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design and Development
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Gold – Web Design 2016 MT ADDY Awards

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“Armstrong Marketing Solutions has done a phenomenal job with my marketing and branding. I hired them to help build my new company from the ground, up. I continue to be impressed with their hands-on approach and their ability to not only create innovative designs, but to implement them in a professional and schedule-driven manner. The culture at AMS breeds excitement for your project and their knowledge of the trends and technologies guides you to the best product for the best price. I highly recommend sitting down with AMS. They have helped in so many ways, above and beyond their services!”
- Nick Benson, High Beam Property Inspections


Our goal for High Beam was simple: to brand and position the company better than any property inspector in the area. It was clear the home market needed a change in the area of home inspection to match the customer service put forth by realtors, builders and other Industry players. Nick was eager to bring a new look to home inspection and to set the bar high.


Real estate agents often stick to the same property inspectors time and again. Because Nick was new to the area, it was important that he leave a positive and lasting impression. This was at first difficult because he didn’t have any marketing materials to introduce his services that would build credibility.


We wanted to come from a place of vintage, old-school quality service promised with a solid handshake. Not only did this match Nick’s personality and values, but it opened the door for us to craft visuals that were emotional and relatable. I mean, who doesn’t turn a head for a 50s Chevy pickup?


Nick’s goal was to book two inspections weekly. With his new website and brand, he’s now booking at least eight.