Offering rich history with modern amenities.

The Sacajawea Hotel offers over 100 years of practice in Western hospitality and attentive service. The hotel features 29 luxury guest rooms, fine dining at Pompey’s Grill and a pub-style atmosphere in the Sac Bar. It’s also the perfect place to host a special event or wedding.

When we first started working with the Sacajawea Hotel years ago, we focused on their marketing. As we learn more about their customer and business, we quickly realized they needed more tools to meet their goals for growth.

Sacajawea Hotel

Experience history in grand style.

The Sac’s message needed consistency through imagery, copy and advertising placement. So, we started there. We then revamped their website with a focus on the information architecture. By pairing photography with informative and organized copy, we increased the connection with customers. We carried this emotion through their online marketing efforts as well, staying on-brand with all advertising. All of these pieces help the Sacajawea Hotel better tell their story.

Scope of Project
  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design and Development
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Advertising Management
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Menu Design
  • Email Marketing

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“We worked with AMS for almost three years now. They have streamlined all our marketing needs, negotiated contracts with media outlets, and designed all of our ads and website. Their team is quick to get things done while creating high-quality work. We are thankful to have them on our team!”
- Hilary Folkvord, Sacajawea Hotel


We wanted to present the hotel and its offerings with elegance and style in order to communicate who they are to the target audience. The goal was to increase lodging and dining sales and event attendance. With developing so many pieces both in print and digital, it was critical to remain consistent.


With so many offerings, specials and events, how would we prioritize what got placed where to justify advertising costs? With the website, we had a similar hurdle in which the information architecture was very important in the initial planning of the site.


We focused on communicating the luxurious experience one can expect at The Sac. The hotel and dining were amazing, but the communication of this fell short. By revamping copywriting and photography, we were able to accurately portray the experience.


The Sac’s new website and other branded assets conveyed a sense of elegance, grandeur and warm hospitality–trademarks of this Montana classic.