Creating a new brand while retaining client confidence.

We first worked with Amatics in 2012 when they were JCCS, a 25 year-old CPA firm with a solid Bozeman client base. A group broke away to form Amatics CPA Group, offering a full suite of accounting services to individuals and businesses. At that time, we started from scratch, taking on their entire brand identity and all assets.

Four years later, Amatics returned to us for an update. Now that the firm had firmly established itself , we revisited their brand strategy and worked toward revamping their website to better meet their needs.

Amatics CPA Group

Matching the marketing to
the Amatics Quality Standard.

Creative, strategic thinking is not a typical company strength for most accounting firms. When Amatics came to us in 2016 for an update, the task was significantly simpler due to the foundation we built in 2012. With four years under their belt as Amatics, we had a good idea of their new identity and how we could build upon it. One thing we noted was that the 2012 website no longer reflected how the firm had grown.

Scope of Project
  • Naming the company
  • Brand Exploration
  • Brand Strategy and Positioning
  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design and Development
  • Photography
  • Copywriting

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“We loved the prompt, professional service we received from AMS. The team is thorough and efficient. They helped us keep our eye on the prize, always guiding the discussion toward the end goal.”
- Morgan Scarr, Amatics CPA Group


The Amatics team goal was to update branding while retaining their core identity and clearly communicating the same values. AMS would help them maintain direction and provide the tools to support and grow the client base.


The big challenge in Round 1 was to communicate to clients and the community that they could continue to place confidence in the firm. In Round 2, the hurdle was to elevate the website and give Amatics more tools for their employees and clients.


We vowed not to make Amatics look like a traditional accounting firm. By researching accounting firms in Montana and beyond, we were able to match Amatics’ innovation and expertise with creative design. We also armed them with tools to be consistent.


As Amatics continues to grow they now have all the proper tools to showcase what they do and how.