Farm-to-table ingredients with a twist.

The vision at bisl was to create a unique fine dining experience that wasn’t only focused on the menu, but also the environment. By introducing AMS to the project before remodeling the restaurant space, we were able to collaborate with Chefs Davey and Kierst Rabinowitz on every aspect of the brand. The atmosphere of bisl was intended to be warm with complementary modern decor. So, we built the brand and corresponding materials to set the stage for the entire dining experience.

Bisl Food

Farm-Made Modern in Downtown Bozeman, Montana.

bisl was inspired by Nordic influences. This shaped our approach to keeping the brand simple, clean and minimal. The menu takes a different approach, made up of delightful dishes that combine unique flavors. The details of each plate are changed regularly based on seasonal locally-sourced ingredients. We focused the photography on the plates to illustrate the offerings and entice tastebuds. This imagery represents the focus of the website, tying back to the brand and menu.

Scope of Project
  • Brand Exploration
  • Brand Strategy and Positioning
  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design and Development
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Gold – Web Design 2016 MT ADDY Awards

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“We love working with AMS. The team is helpful and readily available. We held a very specific vision for bisl, informed by our global culinary backgrounds. AMS intuitively tapped that vision and manifested what we had in mind at a level we couldn’t have even imagined.”
- Chefs Davey & Kierst Rabinowitz, bisl


When we were introduced to this project, it was merely an idea . . . which is what made it so exciting. Chefs Davey and Kierst had such a passion and vision for the restaurant and our goal was to help them bring it to fruition. We wanted to continually collaborate with everyone involved so every piece of bisl fell on point with their vision.


Nothing like the bisl had ever been offered in Bozeman. When creating something new, especially an experience like this, there is a lot to work through to define the brand and supporting materials. We had to ensure we were creating something that had legs to stand upon.


By experimenting with different visual approaches, we were able to match what the Chefs envisioned. We then worked with the architect to ensure branding matched the space. We ultimately fulfilled the bisl vision by supporting their identity in every aspect, from the website to the menus.


A couple of Chefs ready to take on the world.