Brand Strategy + Development

Improving your long-term game from the foundation up.

AMS uses an advanced branding process to shape and cement how people feel about your company. Branding develops the foundation of your business, setting the tone and positioning within your market. Through strategically designing visuals, logos, graphics and messaging it allows for immediate differentiation from your competition. It’s this bridge between logic and creativity that makes a powerful connection with your ideal customer.

Anatomy of a Brand

Branding in a Nutshell: Consider every touchpoint for customer interaction. Then, define and design.

We identify the user’s goals and then build a framework to achieve those goals.

Listen • Research • Define • Develop • Execute

Design with intent to increase brand value.

We build brands that captivate ideal audiences. Effective branding expresses a company’s personality and values and then builds a comprehensive and consistent experience that resonates with customers. This, in turn, nurtures lasting relationships.

Our process is deeply exploratory and contemplative. We listen to clients first. We then research your industry to learn as much as we can in order to differentiate you. With this data, we create a holistic picture of your business. This allows us to intentionally position your company to connect with the values of your target audience.

The only way to make these strong connections is through creative content designed and executed to engage a target audience. By aligning the goals of your organization to customer needs, we create exceptional brand experiences.

Withstand the test of time.

Branding is a tool with long-term benefits. Investing in branding early has been shown to substantially increase a business’ rate of growth. By intentionally presenting your company through distinct political, social or cultural values, people connect and commit to your brand.

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