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Captivating design and content with effective placement.

In order to capture the attention of any given audience, you ultimately have to create an emotional connection between those customers and your business. The best way to do that? Disrupt them . . . in a delightful way. In today’s model of advertising, viewers expect to be entertained while absorbing critical information. AMS takes that responsibility seriously, guiding clients to content and media channels that best engage audiences. We listen to you and your customers to develop creative campaigns that work across broad spectrums of media channels, and in the end, create the best opportunity for you to spark a relationship.

Who are your potential supporters, what do they want and what is the best way to engage them?

Telling your story in a way that best connects to your customers’ wants and needs.

Rather than advertisers, we think of ourselves as content matchmakers. We help clients identify what they want to achieve and the audience they wish to connect with. We identify your potential supporters then assess their habits, needs and how they gather content. From there, we solidify the concept, select media channels and execute the final campaign.

Good content leads to excellent retention.

AMS intentionally designs content and selects media channels that resonate with viewers. The resulting creative content marketing provides your target audience with a better perception of your business and services. That enhanced perception improves brand recognition and thereby, customer retention.

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